About Coffee Bean Beauty

Coffee Bean Beauty is a beauty blog where we’re obsessed with two things… tun tun tunnn: coffee & beauty!

From drinking it and smelling it to slathering it all over our bodies, we’re over the moon with the incredible powers of the almighty (yet humble) coffee bean.

What Coffee Bean Beauty is All About

What can coffee do for your skin? Check it out:

  • Brightens & lightens — sun spots, we’re lookin’ at you!
  • Fights wrinkles — yup, whether you’re in your ’20s or ’60s, coffee can (and will) help reduce your wrinkles naturally
  • Eliminates cellulite — thighs and butts, we’ve got our eye on you! Coffee improves blood flow and leads to smoother skin
  • Gives you that GLOW, babe — you don’t need “dewy” makeup; coffee skincare can make you glow naturally, no makeup needed!

And at Coffee Bean Beauty we believe in all-natural, organic ingredients to get you the skin you’ve always wanted, too. Because surgery and Botox are harmful and oh-so-passe, and everything’s better when it’s from the Earth.
About Coffee Bean Beauty by Callyssee

Meet Callyssee Cosmetics

Callyssee Cosmetics — the brains behind Coffee Bean Beauty — is a freshly brewed line of coffee-infused skincare that will pamper you from head to toe while adding some serious glow to your skin.

From everyday cleansers to toners and moisturizers, all the way to scrubs and deep-cleansing masks (and our popular Fizzy Macaron Bath Bombs), all our products contain our rock star ingredient Coffea Arabica (Organic Green Coffee) Seed Extract. 

Every single one of our products was created by a team of cosmetic chemists and product developers with decades of experience in the beauty industry. The goal? For you to transform your skin with coffee — without having to drink a single drop of coffee if you don’t want to or ever going under the knife.

Visit Callyssee’s coffee skin care line here (sign up for our mailing list to get 10% OFF!)