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boost skins hydration

Does Caffeine Boost Skin’s Hydration?

Healthy skin is a goal for many women. For decades, researchers have warned of the diuretic effects of coffee.   The thing is, in moisturizers and skincare products, caffeine can actually help boost skin’s hydration. Coffee and moisturizers can indeed work together, not against each other. How Coffee’s Best Known Ingredient Works to Boost Skin’s hydration…

Be More Focused

How Can I Be More Focused?

You can be more focused and get more stuff done. How? If you’ve probably heard about green coffee beans link to weight loss. But, there’s something in green coffee bean extract that has been shown to improve focus and concentration: caffeine. Green coffee bean extract has been touted as a great supplement for individuals’ energy…

Coffee And Sugar In Skincare

Why Coffee And Sugar In Skincare?

Coffee and sugar in skincare often pair quite nicely giving your skin a healthy boost. We spoke with the skincare and beauty researchers at Callyssee Cosmetics to find out why. Effects of Coffee and Sugar in Skincare Brown Sugar for Gentle Exfoliating One advantage of sugar as a skincare product is its versatility. Brown sugar,…

caffeine in moisturizers

Why Caffeine In Moisturizers?

Caffeine in moisturizers is becoming more common as the creators of various skincare lines realize what caffeine can do. If you haven’t noticed that, you may have a question: why is there caffeine in the moisturizers in those aisles? So, why caffeine in moisturizers? It makes redness and dark circles less noticeable. Moisturizers with caffeine…

Emotional Effects of Coffee

What Are The Emotional Effects of Coffee?

Few people talk about the emotional effects of coffee. In recent years, most of the research on coffee and caffeine has revolved around their physical impact on your health. Whether it’s reducing wrinkles in skincare products or preventing diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. But there’s another side to the caffeine debate, and that’s…

caffeine good for nails

Is Caffeine Good For Your Nails?

Today we will answer the question: Is Caffeine Good For Your Nails? Caffeine has become quite the popular ingredient in skincare products in the United States. From body lotions and cleansers, it wasn’t long before a company marketed a nailcare product that included the magical ingredient. In 2017 a cosmetic company created and marketed a…

reduce facial puffiness

How Can I Reduce Facial Puffiness?

When you wake up in the morning and the first thing you see is under eye puffiness and dark circles, it can be enough to make a woman scream. Instead, you could reach for a whole face caffeine dermis mask, or one designed specifically for under the eyes like the Perk Up Your Eyes mask…

simple celebrity looks

Which are Some Simple Celebrity Look I Could Copy?

When it comes to celebrity looks, not all of them are so complicated to copy. Granted, celebrities have their own hairstylists and makeup artists to improve their looks. And makeup tricks and corrections make celebrities more attractive. No question about that. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve these looks yourself. Here is our list…