Does Caffeine Boost Skin’s Hydration?

boost skins hydration

Healthy skin is a goal for many women. For decades, researchers have warned of the diuretic effects of coffee.   The thing is, in moisturizers and skincare products, caffeine can actually help boost skin’s hydration. Coffee and moisturizers can indeed work together, not against each other.

How Coffee’s Best Known Ingredient Works to Boost Skin’s hydration

Here’s how: caffeine increases circulation. Moisturizers penetrate the skin and help to restore elasticity. When the two effects come together, the increased circulation highlights the increased moisture. Hence, the face and skin look healthier and more radiant.

This doesn’t mean that drinking copious amounts of coffee daily will have you looking youthful and radiant. It seems that one reason that caffeine in moisturizers works is that is applied topically.  The antioxidant in coffee can help to limit sun damage and minimize the damage from free radicals and UV rays.

There are other reasons that coffee works to improve the skin. But you’ll see the biggest benefit with green coffee extract, which comes from unroasted coffee beans. When used in a moisturizer, the extract and the caffeine help to encourage the body to make more collagen naturally.   

Coffee and moisturizers work together to reduce the look of puffy skin. This reduces inflammation and redness over time, because the caffeine naturally constricts the blood vessels. This may only be temporary, like the reduction of dark circles for the same reason, but many women love this particular effect.

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