Is there a link between Caffeine and Skin Cancer Prevention?

caffeine and skin cancer prevention

It helps you wake up in the morning. You feel more refreshed. And it can help you look younger and more alert. Is there anything coffee can’t do? Research has shown that caffeine even protects the skin from sun damage. It also helps the body to remove damaged skin cells. How cool is it to know there’s a link between Caffeine and Skin Cancer Prevention?

Here’s What Researchers Know About The Link Between Caffeine and Skin Cancer Prevention…

In 2011, a Rutgers University study revealed that caffeine helps to prevent certain cancers at the molecular level by inhibiting the enzyme ATR. The mice in this study drank caffeinated water. Their bodies were able to get rid of more damaged cells after prolonged exposure to UVB rays. The mice’s ability to slough off the damaged skin cells lessened the risk that the damaged cells turned cancerous.

If you’re using skincare products that contain caffeine, you may find that your sunscreen works better. It’s known that drinking up to five cups of coffee a day can lower an individual’s risk of developing melanoma.

And it’s not just the caffeine that helps to protect the skin, but the polyphenols and the compounds that caffeine degrades into, like vitamin B3.

We’re not saying that you don’t have to be careful while you’re out in the sun if you drink coffee. But coffee infused moisturizer might be able to help prevent skin damage that could lead to cancer.

Caution Never Hurt Anyone Though

Dot Bennett, a professor of cell biology at St. George’s at the University of London cautions individuals to pay attention to the sun, especially if they use caffeine lotions.

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“First one might want to check there is no adverse effect of caffeine on the incidence of other cancers, especially melanoma (pigmented skin cancer), which kills over four times as many people as [squamous cell carcinoma]. But caffeine lotion might promote tanning a little, since this family of molecules stimulates pigment cells to make more pigment.”

It’s important to remember that skincare products with caffeine do raise an individual’s caffeine consumption overall.   If you’re sensitive to the ingredient, you may want to talk with your dermatologist before adding caffeinated skin products to your skincare routine.

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