Why Caffeine In Moisturizers?

caffeine in moisturizers

Caffeine in moisturizers is becoming more common as the creators of various skincare lines realize what caffeine can do. If you haven’t noticed that, you may have a question: why is there caffeine in the moisturizers in those aisles?

So, why caffeine in moisturizers?

It makes redness and dark circles less noticeable.

Moisturizers with caffeine or green coffee extract too, help reduce redness on the face and skin where people most often apply moisturizers.

It makes skin less puffy.

Caffeine can be a diuretic. This means that it can pull toxins and extra fluid from the skin and fat cells, giving a smoother, less puffed appearance Also, it is known to increase circulation in areas where caffeine-containing products are applied.

It can provide a sunscreen of sorts.

The antioxidants in caffeine help to protect against sun damage and may play a role in preventing some forms of skin cancer. That’s not to say applying a moisturizer that has caffeine in it one time a day is sufficient if you spend most of your day outside, but every little bit helps, right? Always supplement with a sunscreen product meant for the face.

There are some risks to caffeine consumption, particularly if you are sensitive to it, and it is important to understand and remember, if you use caffeine containing moisturizers and skincare products, it will add to your overall intake

At Calyssee, we want you to have glowing, radiant skin. That’s why we developed several lines of caffeine-containing skincare products! Whether you’re looking for a moisturizing mask, body butter, or lotion, we have what you’re looking for!

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