Why Coffee And Sugar In Skincare?

Coffee And Sugar In Skincare

Coffee and sugar in skincare often pair quite nicely giving your skin a healthy boost. We spoke with the skincare and beauty researchers at Callyssee Cosmetics to find out why.

Effects of Coffee and Sugar in Skincare

Brown Sugar for Gentle Exfoliating

One advantage of sugar as a skincare product is its versatility. Brown sugar, for example, has a much finer, gentler texture than its white sugar counterpart. This makes it an ideal exfoliating agent for the face, removing dead skin cells in a manner that’s not overly harsh. And when you pair that impact with coffee, which is already an excellent exfoliator, it makes a perfect one-two tandem for facial rejuvenation. It’s also an excellent choice if you’re looking for a gentler body scrub. This is why Callyssee Cosmetics incorporated brown sugar into their Vanilla Bean Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub.

White Sugar for More Aggressive Exfoliating

Of course, some of us need a little more vigorous exfoliating than others to achieve our body beauty goals. And sugar can answer the call in this arena, as well, with coarser white sugar. This can be a great addition to body scrub products when you need more aggressive attention to dry patches or other problem areas. The slightly coarser sugar acts like fine-grit sandpaper to leave your skin renewed, softer and more youthful looking. And, of course, it pairs quite nicely with coffee, as well.

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