Coffee for Hyperpigmentation? Yes, It’s a Thing!

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Hyperpigmentation is the scientific term for uneven skin tone – a.k.a. sun spots, age spots, acne scars, etc. In many people, excess melanin collects in specific areas of the skin and leads to patches or blotches of skin that don’t match the rest. The good news is there’s an all-natural solution for that pesky skin concern: coffee for hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation can be a fairly common, albeit frustrating, skin problem (yes, we know!) but fortunately there are a lot of things that people can do to combat the issues related to it. And one ingredient that seems to play a role in coffee, which we’re happy to report because it’s as safe as can be, unlike other ingredients used to lighten and brighten skin. We spoke with the skincare and beauty researchers at Callyssee Cosmetics to see how coffee lightens hyperpigmentation.

Coffee for Hyperpigmentation: What You Should Know

#1 Coffee is an Excellent Exfoliating Ingredient

In its ground form, coffee makes an excellent exfoliating agent, gently scrubbing away dead skin cells and leaving the skin renewed and refreshed. Studies have shown that regular exfoliation can help manage or eliminate the signs of hyperpigmentation over time, and adding coffee to the mix makes your exfoliator go a longer way toward lightening & brightening your skin.

Do it safely while enjoying some delicious scents with the Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub from Callyssee in Vanilla Bean and Cocoa. Both are suitable for sensitive skin and won’t clog pores, so they’re perfect to exfoliate your skin from face to toes! We love it after hitting the beach and to treat dry patches in winter.

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#2 Coffee Protects You From the Sun

Scientific studies have shown that the antioxidants in coffee play a pivotal role in protecting your skin from sun damage. In fact, one large-scale study showed that regular coffee drinkers actually have a lower risk of getting melanoma and some forms of sarcoma.

Sun exposure is yet another contributor to hyperpigmentation – so wearing suncreen and wide-brimmed hats that shelter your face from UV rays will definitely help you prevent sun spots. Once you have ’em? Use an all-natural brightening product with coffee and vitamin C for best results, as both ingredients are known to lighten (and have a ton other skin benefits!). Try the Lighten Up Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum from Callyssee, made explicitly to treat facial hyperpigmentation with coffee and vitamin C.

#3 Coffee Cleans & Detoxes the Skin

The build-up of oils, toxins and other impurities is yet another contributing factor to the development of hyperpigmentation. And it appears that coffee can play a helpful role in fighting back against this contributor to the condition, as well.

Coffee naturally contains two mild acids known as chlorogenic and ferulic acid. When applied to the skin, they behave similarly to salicylic acid, almost giving the face a “mini chemical peel” to refresh and renew the skin. The result is a lot less oil and other impurities that can ultimately contribute to the development of hyperpigmentation. It’s another reason why coffee for hyperpigmentation is the way to go. Try a coffee scrub to try it yourself!

Of course, all natural treatments take some time and repetition, so try a coffee scrub or serum on your hyperpigmentation for a couple of months to see visible results. And remember to take before & after pictures 🙂

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When you use coffee for hyperpigmentation you can kiss your sun spots and acne scars goodbye! Give it a shot and let us know how much more you love your skin afterward 😉

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