Which are the Steps to a Flawless No Makeup Makeup Look?

No Makeup Makeup Look

Kim Kardashian stepped out proudly saying she was going makeup free at the Balenciaga show in Paris. Alicia Keys has been hosting NBC’s The Voice sans makeup and caused a hashtag movement #NoMakeup. The no makeup look is really just that, a look, because these celebrities are, in fact, wearing makeup, but they’ve figured out a way to get that No Makeup Makeup Look. And so can you!

Here are 7 Musts for a No Makeup Makeup Look

1. Use a skin tint instead of foundation.

Always start with a clean and moisturized face. BB cream or a very sheer foundation works well, too. The key is to let your natural skin color come through.

2. Conceal any obvious breakouts or deep undereye circles with concealer.

Using too much accentuates problem areas. Dab and blend blemish areas, swipe the concealer under your eyes then pat with a finger to blend properly.

3. Curl your lashes then add a lash boosting serum for a touch of gloss.

Comb and fill in empty spots in eyebrows then use a gel to tame them down. A tinted brow gel is the best bet.

4. Use a cream/gel hybrid on cheeks.

These look more natural and you won’t a caked on look that can happen with powder blushes.

5. Apply a light, neutral shadow.

The look is to make your eyes stand out, not have the eye shadow show. So go easy.

6. Finish with a light, moisturizing lip color.

Or use a neutral matte lipstick.

7. If your skin has a tendency to become shiny, it’s best to apply a light, oil-absorbing powder.

Use a brush and apply in a circular motion to create a cover-up rather than a heavy powdered finish.

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