What are the Steps for a Retro Hollywood Glam Look?

Retro Hollywood Glam Look

So you want to look like a classic Old Hollywood star? Iconic Hollywood leading ladies like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe are loved by most people because of their extraordinary looks. Through the following 7 simple steps we will share with you today, you can manage to have the Retro Hollywood Glam Look you’re going for.

7 Steps to a Retro Hollywood Glam Look

Step 1! Focus on the Eyes

Audrey Hepburn was an iconic Hollywood beauty who knew that her eyes were her most stunning feature, so she focused on exquisite eye makeup to highlight this feature constantly. She even had her makeup artist separate each lash, one by one, after applying mascara, just to get the look she wanted.

Step 2! Sculpt a Well-Defined but Thin Eyebrow

The female stars from the classic Hollywood era generally didn’t favor that heavy, full-brow look certain stars of today have used. Instead, they created beautifully arched brows, generally thin, that accentuated their eyes. Examples include Jean Harlow, Rita Hayworth and Hedy Lamarr.

Step 3! Redheads Have More Fun?

Rita Hayworth dyed her hair red and kept that way, since it made her stand out. This may have helped advance her career, but that’s hard to say. Rita went even further than that, using electrolysis to move her hairline so she’d have a bigger forehead. Um, maybe it’s best for you to consider switching to becoming a redhead?

Step 4! Contouring

Though some people will have you believe that Kim Kardashian practically invented contouring, way back in the thirties, Jean Harlow—one of the first blonde bombshells to hit Hollywood—applied blush very high on her face to make her face look more angled and less full.

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Step 5! Chill Out

Joan Crawford was famous for having a smooth face at an age when her contemporaries were desperately covering up wrinkles. Her secret was washing her face in water 25 times a day—at least that’s what she said. Probably not the best idea: any dermatologist would recommend a gentle cleanser like Callyssee’s Foaming Skin Milk no more than twice a day, since excessive washing tends to dry out skin.

Step 6! Help Lipstick Last Longer

Old Hollywood makeup artists used to wet a lip brush just a bit, then dip it into blush. They’d apply the blush as kind of a base for the lips, and in fact this helps lipstick stay in place.

Step 7! Mark Up

Marilyn Monroe had a fake beauty mark, but there was a reason for it. Starlets back then wanted to make sure their faces were perfectly symmetrical, so a beauty mark could even things out—or highlight a specific great feature.

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